We are aware that our industry can damage the environment, areas of concern are generally acknowledged to be:

a. Environmentally damaging designs;
b. High energy usage, (minimizing greenhouse gas emissions);
c. ill conceived developments;
d. The construction process itself.

Our aim is to actively manage our role in protecting natural resources. From a Construction point of view we understand that damage to the environment may include any of the following pollutants:

To Air:

Dust and radiation
Exhaust emissions
Gases and vapours

To Land:

Oils and fuels
Spillage and materials
Waste materials

To Water Courses:

Contaminated water run-off
Oils and fuels
Hazardous matter

  • It is our intention therefore to:

    Ensure an environmentally aware approach within the Company, recognising that sound management of energy and resources can cut costs and create competitive advantages, through the development of awareness and understanding of pollution control by all employees / operatives.

    Provide sufficient information and training to enable employees / operatives to improve Roadcare’s environmental performance, control and management.

    Seek to continually improve its Environmental performance by reducing the amount of energy consumption wherever possible.

    Seek to continually improve its Environmental performance by reducing existing waste levels and by recycling wherever possible.

    Encourage suppliers, sub-contractors to develop and apply the best possible Environmental practice.

    Promote joint consultation with employees / operatives, Environmental Health Officers, HSA Inspectors, Environment Agency and any other relevant and interested organisations.

    Make Environmental Management an integral part of the management of the Company.

    Comply with statutory regulations, approved codes of practice and recognised guidelines.

    Review this Policy periodically.


All insurance documents and information available upon request. Specific indemnity applies to all local authorities.